A Message from Your Executive Director

We are so happy to be back with our newsletter again! Will bring you up to date on your club’s happenings. Trevor, Kim & Aarti have been working from home since mid-March. Mary Youman has worked in our office weekly during the COVID lockdown. We applied for and received the small business payroll package which covers our staff for 2 ½ months. We want you to know we have had our staff on full payroll during this time.
Big thanks to all who were involved in helping with the application for the stimulus package!!

Going forward.....Our staff will be back in the club office for your travel needs beginning the week of June 15. We ask that you not plan to visit the office unless necessary for travel business that cannot be done on phone or email. If you do find it absolutely necessary to visit the office, please call ahead to let them know, wear a mask and you will have your temperature taken by staff. This will continue until Virginia dictates not necessary.

We are hopeful that our travel can begin this fall. It will depend upon restrictions as to how many people can be in a group in all states we may be visiting. Probably cruising and tours will also be available in the fall however we really do not know as they do not make their announcements until a couple of months before.

As we said in our previous message, we will survive this! Your club is healthy financially and is carefully taken care of by your Board of Directors and myself. We will be here for your travel needs for many years to come. Start thinking about where you want to go and call us with your reservations. Still hopeful that we can take the Mystery Trip out in late September! Thanks to all of you that have been in contact with us with good wishes through these past three months, have paid your dues and reserved for future trips. It is inspiring to know our membership loves their club and has confidence in the management. Let’s look forward to some good times real soon.

Personal note...new PATRICK ( my poodle) is with me now and is anxious to meet all of you. Will make sure I have him at our next open house.

CAROLYN McKENNA, Executive Director