The Ark Encounter

Featuring a Life - Size Replica of Noah's Ark!

Package includes:
  • Motorcoach Transportation with Onboard Refreshments
  • 3 Nights Hotel Accommodation at the Holiday Inn Riverfront, Covington, KY
  • 3 Breakfasts, 1 Lunch, 3 Dinners
  • Sightseeing per Itinerary
  • Porterage, Taxes & Gratuities on all included meals

Day One Monday Oct 12, 2020 

(Dinner and Bourbon Tasting included) Arrival at Holiday Inn Riverfront for the next three nights. This full service property offers guests a welcome of warm cookies while luggage is being delivered to rooms. Property is within walking distance (two blocks) to the beautiful and historic Main Strasse Village. If time allows explore this area populated by Germans in the mid 19th century. Check out the quaint shops, the Goose Girl Fountain and the Carroll Chimes that displays the Pied Piper of Hamlin, on the hour. Guests are welcome to take advantage of the TANK which is a local transit system that will run throughout Covington, Newport and Downtown Cincinnati. Guests have on/off privileges throughout the area for only $1.00.
Dinner – ALL THINGS KENTUCKY with BOURBON TASTING (3 different bourbons). Rest of evening on own to do as you please.

Day Two Tuesday – Oct 13, 2020

Start the morning with a full hot breakfast buffet.
Departure and travel to the Creation Museum Petersburg, (Moderate Walking ). Guests will have time to tour the Creation Museum at leisure. Be prepared to experience history in a completely unprecedented way. The state-of-the-art 65,000 square foot museum brings the pages of the Bible to life, casting its characters and animals in dynamic form and placing them in familiar settings. Adam and Eve live in the Garden of Eden. Children play and dinosaurs roam near Eden's Rivers. The serpent coils cunningly in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Majestic murals, great masterpieces brimming with pulsating colors and details, provide a backdrop for many of the settings. All shows are included with admission EXCEPT the Planetarium.

Walk through the Garden of Eden. The Tree of Life, central to the garden, stretches out its branches, laden with ripened fruits. Come face-to-face with a sauropod, a dinosaur of incredible dimensions. His monstrous frame moves through the low-lying thicket as he grazes on plants. Introduce yourself to our chameleons. Walk through the Cave of Sorrows and see the horrific effects of the Fall of man. Sounds of a sin-ravaged world echo through the room. Finally, see the sacrificial Lamb on the cross, and the hope of redemption.

In addition to the Stargazer's Planetarium (additional cost and NOT included in ticket price) and the dozens of informative videos throughout the Creation Museum, there are several more shows that you don't want to miss at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Six Days of Creation - Travel 6,000 years into the past to view the dawn of history. Enjoy a dramatic reading of Genesis chapter one as the first Six Days of Creation is illuminated in this panoramic theater. This brief but powerful presentation will move you to consider the wonder and diversity of God's Creation. Location: About midway through the Walkthrough Biblical History Run time: 4 minutes (plays on a continuous loop) The Special Effects Theater shows The Last Adam and Men in White at various times throughout the day. Location: In the Main Hall (included with general admission

The Last Adam -. After Adam's sin, mankind needed a Redeemer, the last Adam, Jesus Christ. Experience the glory of God's redemptive plan, set in place before the beginning of time. Hear the gospel as Christ's birth, death, resurrection, and ultimate return are shared in this clear and powerful presentation. Your visit to the Creation Museum is not complete without viewing The Last Adam.

Men in White - Meet Wendy. This intelligent young woman has heard the constant barrage of evolutionary ideas about the world, but the more she thinks, the more she sees that what she's been taught doesn't make sense. She ponders some of the most important questions of life: What is the truth about where we came from? Is there meaning? Is there really a God, or did this all just happen by chance? Suddenly, Gabe and Mike, two contemporary angels, "descend" to help her. Get ready to join Wendy, and experience the exciting truth of Genesis like never before! Prepare for some fun—and some surprises. Prepare to believe. Run time: 22 minutes (check your daily schedule and theater signs for show times)

Lunch is available at Noah's Café- on own. There are also beautiful gardens to stroll through as well as a Petting Zoo featuring a Zorse, and a Zonkey along with other animals including camels, sheep, goats, wallabies', and alpacas.

BRAND NEW AT THE CREATION MUSEUM: The Christ, Cross, Consummation exhibit is made up of stunning pieces, and clearly presents the gospel. It depicts scenes such as the nativity, Jesus walking on water, Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead, and the angel rolling back the stone from Jesus' empty tomb.

GUIDED Tour the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption Covington, KY (Mild Walking) A scaled down replica of the Cathedral Notre Dame, in Paris. This Basilica is one of only thirty one Basilica's in the country, and is considered the most beautiful in the WORLD.
Return to property for some Rest and Relaxation or enjoy a walk (two blocks) to Main Strasse Village and enjoy the quaint German town with cobblestone streets and various shops and bistro's and the Carillon Bell Tower which rings on the HOUR. OR guests can hop on the Trolley and enjoy a ride around the area and into downtown Cincinnati with on/off privledges (picks up out front of the property on the ½ hour).
Departure and head to Queen City Riverboats. Private dinner cruise with CONTEMPORARY GOSPEL MUSIC. UNLIMITED BEER/WINE/SODAS on Cruise. Enjoy a cruise with a meal function and music that is sure to get your hands clapping and feet tapping!!
Return to property for a good night's sleep.

Day Three -  Wednesday, Oct 14

Start the morning with a full hot breakfast buffet Start city tour - World famous travel guide Lonely Planet, which sells 6 million travel guides worldwide annually, named Cincinnati USA one of the top three U.S. travel destinations. Guests will enjoy the "Queen City" and learn about the Garden of Eden with a seven mile view, the historic areas and even where many movies have been filmed including Rain Main.

Lunch at Washington Platform Restaurant, in Cincinnati which was opened in 1860 as the Johan Armleder Wine and Lager Beer Saloon.

Arrival to the ARK ENCOUNTER (Major Walking) The Ark Encounter is the largest timber frame structure in the world, built from standing dead timber, in part by skilled Amish craftsman. The Ark is an architectural and engineering wonder containing three decks of world-class exhibits. Scores of exhibits about the Flood, Noah, and the animals are designed to answer your questions about the biblical account of Noah's Ark. Many of the animals that lived during Noah's lifetime didn't look much like the animals we see today.

Prepare to have your expectations challenged by a host of incredibly lifelike sculpted animals, along with exotic live animals from around the world in Ararat Ridge Zoo. Plus, you'll learn how Noah could have cared for all the animals and how the Ark was big enough to fit them all on board.

Be transported back in time to meet Noah and his seven other family members, who lived aboard the Ark and cared for all the animals during the Flood. See what their living quarters may have looked like, what they could have brought on board, and even what kinds of clothing they wore. There are hundreds of legends from around the world that are all centered on a worldwide flood. Did these legends originate in an actual historical event?

This self-paced tour does require walking but there are benches available for resting. Elevators are available as well as gently sloping ramps to get from one floor to the next. For elevator usage, contact a guest services representative. West Village at the Ark will offer guests the opportunity to watch masters creating a wide variety of products, live animal presentations and entertainment.

ཉ East Village: As you walk through the East Village, located on the stern side leading up to the life-size Noah's Ark, you will notice six large steles. Do you know what a stele is? In ancient cultures, it was an upright monument stone, sculpted and inscribed, often for significant purposes. These steles provide you with a summary of Genesis chapters 1–6 as you prepare to enter the Ark While the stones use hieroglyphs to give the true history of the world, explanatory signs accompany each stele. Several topiaries, which are sculpted wire statues filled with moss, are scattered around the lake in front of the Ark with more to come. The East Village will also house several live animal exhibits as well. Each day, the live bird exhibits get closer to being completed. These will be home to very colorful, vocal species of the parakeets, conures, lovebirds, and parrot or cockatoo kinds. They will also have a mammal yard where you will see a variety of goats. (Dinner voucher included)

Ararat Ridge Zoo is located outdoors behind the Ark. See Yaks, Kangaroos, Zebra, Alpacas, Emus, Ostrich, Goats and much more. Camel and Donkey rides available for an additional fee in late spring and summer, weather permitting.

When returning to property, guests will enjoy a managers reception with adult beverage and appetizers.

Day Four Thursday, Oct 15, 2020 

Start the morning with a full hot breakfast buffet in PRIVATE area.
Luggage pick up
Departure and Good bye by staff

This itinerary is approximate. The exact times, days and destinations may vary due to unforeseen circumstances.